Step 1
Platform opening

Click to apply for the platform.

1. Register

1 Enter your email
2 Enter the number
3 Click button.

4 Check Strategy Follower Box 
5 Choose the amount.
6 Select the currency (USD)
7 Select Leverage 1:200
8 Set Password
9 Push NEXT

10 Choose account type
11 Enter your first name
12 Enter your last name
13 Avatar name
14 Choose a country
15 Enter the telephone number
16 Push NEXT

17 Click on the copy
18 Push FINISH

To reduce the introduction process

Enter the email to confirm the email.
20 Press the blue button to confirm.

After confirmation
Will link to the main page
To start the copy trading trial
Free DEMO Account Trial 


Click Live Account
Choose a designated broker

Choose to open a new account.
i want to open a new account

Press the green button
Open account type
Leverage 1:500

(Complete in English)
1 Enter your first name
2 Enter your last name
3 Enter your email.
4 Choose a country
5 Enter the phone number
6 Set Username
7 Password set
9 Push Register

The Register has been successful.
Check in your email.

Check your email
Click the Confirm Email button.

The website will link to the Broker website.
Let us click Continue

Fill out the required information.
According to broker conditions
Requested in the application

Choose account type
Variable Spread
Click to accept terms and conditions.
Push Submit

When all the steps have been completed 
Contact Support for further confirmation support. 
Inquire directly, 24 hours.